African Sun Wall Décor Set

Rs. 17,000 Rs. 20,000

A pleated radial design crafted in part wood and part metal makes for the African Sun. Each circle is made with a part panel in wood and part perforated metal. The Metal panel is polished in silver for ¾ of the circle, a part of the metal panel is polished darker. The darker part of the metal panel and the wood panel make ¼ of the circle. A set of 4 circles ascending sizes makes for the African Sun Wall Décor Sculpture. 

Includes : 1 Large , 1 Medium , 1 Semi Medium & 1 Small 

Large : Dia 19" x Depth 0.5"

Medium : Dia 15" x Depth 0.5"

Medium 2 : Dia 12" x Depth 0.5"

Small : Dia 8" x Depth 0.5"

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