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Handcrafted in ceramic by Japanese artisans, this beautiful, elongated serving platter with minimal Asian styling, free flowing form and curved ends with a shot of aquamarine in white is ideal for serving sushi, Dim sums and other small bites. Crafted in Japanese stoneware, the Aqua platter can be used directly in the over, microwave and dishwasher. The high gloss glaze of this ceramic platter makes for a beautiful serveware option.
Ceramic platters are some of the most commonly used serving dishes worldwide. Japanese stoneware is considered the most premium amongst them. The Japanese art of perfection, the unique colours used in this one and the high gloss glaze, make for the perfect serving platter.
Food presentation these days is as important as the taste of the dish made. They say we eat with our eyes first, so the way the dish looks on a platter is extremely important. The way the dish looks on a platter is what tempts our eyes and makes us want to taste it. Using the best platters for your starters can turn a dinner party into a great success. Balancing variety and contrast is the key to serving the right dish, hence the Aqua platter makes for the perfect background for your tasty starters and small bites.
Since food is distinctly what we toil for, why not make the meal a celebration ? we at H2H help you do just that. When having friends over for dinner, it™s the décor “ candles, lights, music , flowers, that sets the evening. Yet how you serve the food matters the most. Whether you host a formal dinner or have a casual get together, the style of service is what dictates the evening. The platters, dinner plates and bowls, play an important role is setting the mood for the kind of evening up ahead. The Aqua platter compliments and works perfectly for a formal sit down dinner because of its beautiful shape and high gloss glaze or a casual evening with friends because of its fun aqua colour.


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