Earth & Soil Vase
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A Part of the Nature collection of HIIH the Earth & soil is our tribute to mother nature. The earth and soil is a ceramic vase soda fired in a wood kiln, shaded in shades of the soil, and glazed. Structured like a thick bark this ceramic vase is glazed in a textured finish of shades of brown to depict the soil. The vase is further detailed with engraved detailing throughout its body completing the look. Flowers in them look perfectly at home. Being a part of our limited edition piece, it is one of a kind. Being a part of our Limited edition Piece it is a one of kind vase which would only lend beauty to your space alone.
We recommend pairing it with some painted twigs or colourful wildflowers.
Decorating any space with vases can add elegance and charm to the décor. Vases can fill out empty spaces or corners is a decorative way. They also draw attention to other items in a room, such as a furniture and paintings. If you are not the kind who would refill fresh flowers regularly, investing in some dried flowers is always a good idea to complement the vase. Flowers tend to add necessary colour and joy into space. The particular vase is a perfect table décor piece that can be added in a cluster to adorn your tables. A ceramic pot designed for memories
Vases magnify the beauty of such flowers and leave a lasting impression on people who admire them. They can provide unexplainable elegance that adds style & grace to your home.
Being a part of our limited edition collection, this vase will only adorn your space, as they are crafted one piece at a time.