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The Elsa Stripe is a white base cotton cushion cover with yellow thread detailing in stripes, highlighted by white thread tassels on the sides. The back is a solid white fabric with a concealed zipper. Please note : the cushion cover does not include the filler.
We also have a Green option with ice green thread detailing in stripes, highlighted by white thread tassels on the sides.
Every space in our homes has one décor piece for sure; cushion covers. Even when they are so essential in our home décor, we hardly use cushion covers to their maximum effect. Selecting the right cushion cover hence becomes an integral part of your interior styling. Cushion covers can transform any room into a lively space, while being the most cost-effective home décor accessory. When deciding the right cushion cover for your space, the first thing to consider is size. Mix up sizes and shapes of cushions to give your home, a brand-new contemporary look. The next is material. Cotton cushion covers are the most cost effective and durable while providing the perfect canvas for some beautifully designed embroidery and prints. For a more formal setting choose between velvets and sequined cushions. The third and most fun part of the selection is the colour. Do not be afraid to mix and match colours by using contrasting highlights with a bunch of cushions of the same colour storey. Play with patterns when deciding what suits your space. Even a black and white theme with different patterns looks contemporary and stylish in your space.


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