Ivory Coast Shallow Bowl
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Warm & earthy, this Japanese stoneware bowl features an elegant shape, organic rims and a reactive ivory glaze with a radial pattern texture of speckles of a deeper beige embedding. A perfectly round shape, with a shallow depth, The ivory coast bowl makes for a perfect backdrop for some fresh colourful salads or a deliciously cooked curry. The beige embedding textured, made by artistically placed brush strokes of our ceramicist forms an interesting radial pattern lending character to the bowl. For some of us, this bowl is perfect for some warm noodles on a cold rainy day.
The neutral ivory glaze of the Ivory Coast shallow bowl enables it to be matched with our Ivory coast plates and bowls or as a contrasting piece for an otherwise charcoal dinner set.
Since food is distinctly what we toil for, why not make the meal a celebration ? we at H2H help you do just that. When having friends over for dinner, it™s the décor “ candles, lights, music , flowers, that sets the evening. Yet how you serve the food matters the most. Whether you host a formal dinner or have a casual get together, the style of service is what dictates the evening. The platters, dinner plates and bowls, play an important role is setting the mood for the kind of evening up ahead. The Ivory Coast Shallow Bowl
compliments and works perfectly for a formal sit down dinner because of its lustrous textured glaze e or a casual evening with friends because of its fun free flowing form.