Nirvana Copper Box
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The Nirvana Copper box is a handcrafted copper box with a gold finish lid. Handbeated copper gives the box a classic regale while the glossy gold finish lid lends a modern twist. A copper finished lotus embellishes the lid adding a touch of luxurious glamour to the box.
When it comes to our homes and the décor, every little thing has a wealth of thought and consideration behind it, however big or small it may be. That™s why, we at H2H aim to redefine you™re your home décor with elegance and minimalism, something that will always give you that extra edge amongst your peers. Handcrafted with the finest materials, each creation is more unique than the last, and each piece is a testament to the fine quality of craftsmanship that exists in India.
With a copper finish, and a pretty lotus detailing on the lid, the Nirvana Copper box exudes old-fashioned elegance and charm. With its convenient size, it can be used to store anything from nuts to chocolates to jewellery that you wear on a daily basis. Hard up on serving dishes? Remove the lid and serve up anything from starters to fruits with élan.