Squat Candleholder
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The minimalistic candle stand with a Unique shape yet chic look is the perfect gift for any occasion. The beauty of it lies in its geometric shape and small size. Crafted in Iron with a triangular form which offsets into a three dimensional shape, holding a tubular candleholder in the center, makes for a perfect desk accessory. The candle holder is powder coated in matte black, for a smooth and classic feel. When it comes to our homes and the décor, every little thing has a wealth of thought and consideration behind it, however big or small it may be. That™s why, we at H2H aim to redefine you™re your home décor with elegance and minimalism, something that will always give you that extra edge amongst your peers. Handcrafted with the finest materials, each creation is more unique than the last, and each piece is a testament to the fine quality of craftsmanship that exists in India. The Squat can be used on desks, side tables, niches and consoles. Perfect for party decors & table centrepieces. This classic black candle holder adds elegance to any décor. Metal candle holders are a preferred choice world over for their easy maintenance and longevity.