Tipple Candleholder
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The Tipple candleholder is a handsome piece of home décor crafted in wood & steel. A bevelled plank of wood forms its base, holding up a graphic pattern of 3 concentric circles & 2 half circles crafted in steel bars, holding up 3 hand moulded wooden plates which are topped with 3 tinted glass cylinders making for a stunning candleholder. Please note the wooden plates have steel plates on the top surface to place the candles for easy maintenance. The wood has been polished naturally to highlight the beauty of its grains and the steel polished to highlight its gloss, creating a masterful modern candleholder. The glass cylinders allow for the candles to last longer and create a luxurious effect to this home décor piece.
The contrast between a warmer wood & cold metal makes for an interestingly balanced home accessory. This stunning piece of craft makes a perfect center table and highlight of any interior décor. Designed & crafted with care and perfection this candleholder also makes for a great mantle or console décor.
Candleholders make for interesting pieces to cheer up dull corners in your homes, allowing for you to make each space lively and inviting. Placing scented candles around the house allows for a sweet smell to always remain in the space and also a quick way to set the mood during get togethers or some romantic time alone.
Candles are increasingly gaining importance, especially when it's about home decor. The create gorgeous essence and can create a change in the look of a space within seconds or when you are in a mood for a romantic dinner candle bring in the magic. But, if you get the perfect ones, their fragrance is like heaven. No matter wherein you use candles, they will end up in creating becoming and warmer surroundings not only for your guests, but also for you. Cluster them accordingly to their shape, size, colors, scents, and everything else; get some stylish and metallic candles holders.


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