Mori Bowl

Rs. 1,100

Handcrafted by traditional Japanese artisans, our Mori bowl is all about the glaze. A stunning green glaze covers the clean modern shape of the bowl with a bold edge antiquing on a free formed rim. The brilliant green of the Mori bowl contradicts and highlights its classic shape. Mori in Japanese language means forest, inspired by the lush green forests doting Japan, the green of this bowl gives it its name.
Pair this green ceramic bowl with our Mori plates and Platter or add some splash of colour with this bowl paired with a brown or white dinner set.
The Mori Bowl is dishwasher, oven and microwave friendly making the Mori Bowl perfect to be used as a part of a dinner set or to serve up some nuts and dips
Since food is distinctly what we toil for, why not make the meal a celebration ? we at H2H help you do just that. When having friends over for dinner, it™s the décor “ candles, lights, music , flowers, that sets the evening. Yet how you serve the food matters the most. Whether you host a formal dinner or have a casual get together, the style of service is what dictates the evening. The platters, dinner plates and bowls, play an important role is setting the mood for the kind of evening up ahead. The Mori Bowl compliments and works perfectly for a formal sit down dinner because of its lustrous high gloss glaze e or a casual evening with friends because of its fun colour.

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