Butterfly World

Rs. 10,000

The Butterfly World is metal sculpture inspired by freedom.
œThe Secret to Happiness is Freedom ¦. And the Secret to Freedom is Courage� “ Thucydides.
A metal sculpture handcrafted as a cluster of butterflies in motion springing from one side of a metal ring. The Butterflies are carefully handcrafted one piece at a time, polished in a matt and gloss effect, and welded together to form a free form cluster rising out of a flat metal plate base. The sculpture is polished in gold for a luxurious two tone effect
We recommend placing this piece as a focal point on a a wall.
In any apartment, big or small, the walls are the largest surface and hence best to be taken advantage of in terms of interior design. Those large empty walls are filled with endless possibilities to allow your creativity to flow. A few carefully selected wall décor pieces can make a space look and feel stylish and cozy. A large scale wall décor piece sets the tone of the design of your space. Adding a colourful piece can add softness and spunk into any space. Adding a contrasting wall décor piece against a coloured background brings a touch of drama and glam into your space.

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