Aqua Spiral Plate

Rs. 3,900

This stunning shot of aquamarine dinner plate with a high gloss glaze defines the Aqua Spiral. This handcrafted dinner plate comes with a striking spiral design & an antique Black glaze rim. Crafted in ceramic in japan, the Aqua Spiral dinner plate carries a unique shape which compliments its spiral design. Japanese stoneware plates carry a rare high gloss glaze, which is distinct to Japanese pottery. The Aqua Spiral dinner plate carries the same glaze and a brilliant aqua colour, making this product a dinner conversation for sure. The products are singularily as they can be used as platters too!
These products are oven and dishwasher friendly, which adds to the versatility of the product. Japanese pottery also known as tojiki or yakimono, is one of the oldest forms of art and craft in Japan. Japan has an exceptionally long and successful history of ceramic production, as far back as 300 BCE, giving Japan one of the oldest pottery traditions of the world.
Since food is distinctly what we toil for, why not make the meal a celebration ? we at H2H help you do just that. Our pottery comes all the way from Japan, making our dinner plates a celebration of tradition and new in terms of design. When having friends over for dinner, it™s the décor “ candles, lights, music , flowers, that sets the evening. Yet how you serve the food matters the most. Whether you host a formal dinner or have a casual get together, the style of service is what dictates the evening. The platters, dinner plates and bowls, play an important role is setting the mood for the kind of evening up ahead. The Aqua Spiral dinner plates works perfectly for a formal sit down dinner because of its high gloss glaze and unique shape or a casual evening with friends because of its fun shot of aquamarine colour.

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