Butterfly Flight Sculpture

Rs. 9,500

The Butterfly flight is metal sculpture inspired by freedom.
œThe Secret to Happiness is Freedom ¦. And the Secret to Freedom is Courage� “ Thucydides.
A metal sculpture handcrafted as a cluster of butterflies in motion based on a metal plate. The Butterflies are carefully handcrafted one piece at a time, polished in a matt and gloss effect, and welded together to form a free form cluster rising out of a flat metal plate base. The sculpture is polished in gold for a luxurious two tone effect
We recommend placing this piece as a focal point on a side table, console or a niche.
The best way to display sculptures is giving them breathing room, by which we mean is, enough light and room around them to appreciate their beauty. Sculptures are essential art that is not flat. Sculptural objects do what paintings can™t by giving that third dimension. They have a richness of shadowing, and give a room visual relief.

In home decor, sculptures are a great way to express personal style and to display forms that fit one™s personality. Sculptures are not limited to the classical styles. Options include modern, whimsical, realist and minimalist works that artists have created and that one can feature in your home as focal points and accents. Blending modern with classical is common

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