Mariana Square Platter

Rs. 1,980 Rs. 2,200

A classic for every table, the mariana square platter is crafted in stoneware by Japanese artisans. The clean geometric shape of the platter speaks for the Japanese love of simplicity. A vivid blue glaze covers this platter along with its free-flowing twin the mariana platter or with our fat square plates and Bermuda bowl for a great Japanese ceramic experience. Pair this blue serving platter with a white dinner set to highlight the master chef style appetisers cooked by you.
Since food is distinctly what we toil for, why not make the meal a celebration ? we at H2H help you do just that. When having friends over for dinner, it™s the décor “ candles, lights, music , flowers, that sets the evening. Yet how you serve the food matters the most. Whether you host a formal dinner or have a casual get together, the style of service is what dictates the evening. The platters, dinner plates and bowls, play an important role is setting the mood for the kind of evening up ahead. The Mariana Square Platter compliments and works perfectly for a formal sit down dinner because of gorgeous glaze & classic form or a casual evening with friends because of its gorgeous blue shade.

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