Taupe ribbed Vase Tall

Rs. 7,500

A flattened pitcher shaped vase with a wooden Handle. Crafted in Paper Mache, the vase has a stunning textured surface with an ivory surface and taupe embossed pattern. A natural polished wooden handle completes the piece.

Includes: 1 Vase

Add a touch of rustic charm to your decor with this stunning pitcher-shaped vase. Crafted in durable paper Mache, this vase features a unique flattened design with a stunning ivory surface and taupe embossed pattern. The vase is completed with a natural polished wooden handle, adding a touch of warmth to the piece. Perfect for displaying your favorite blooms or as a standalone accent piece, this vase is sure to capture attention with its eye-catching design and natural textures. Whether you're looking for a striking accent piece or a thoughtful gift, this pitcher-shaped vase is a must-have.

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