Wise Giraffe Set

Rs. 7,900

Crafted in polyresin the Wise giraffe are a pair of light grey shaded geometric giraffe sculptures with a deeper grey engraved detail. The giraffes carry a newsprint detail engraved throughout their body, hence being the wise Giraffes. 

Crafted in polyresin, the Wise Giraffe sculptures are a stunning pair of light grey geometric giraffes with engraved deeper grey details that create a unique and intricate design. The sculptures also feature a newsprint detail engraved throughout their body, adding to the wise and intellectual feel of these beautiful pieces of art. The use of high-quality materials ensures that these sculptures are both durable and stunning, making them a must-have for any art collector or animal lover.

Includes : 1 Tall Giraffes & 1 Short Giraffe

Large : Length 8" x Width 2.5" x Height 15.5"

Small :  Length 8" x Width 2.2" x Height 13.5"

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